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Flyer for the Spray Tan exhibition at Shoreditch Modern featuring artwork by Jim Vision

Spray Tan

Spray Tan is a group exhibition celebrating Street Artists active in Shoreditch. The show will present original works on canvas and paper by some of the biggest names in London’s Street Art scene.

From manga-inspired characters to realistic portraits and stylised figures, expect a vibrant and inclusive experience that showcases a beautiful variety of artistic voices and styles.

As an East London gallery, we at Shoreditch Modern recognise the importance of Street Art for our community and beyond. Spray Tan will allow local and international visitors to further support the artists who make our area so unique.

Participating Artists

Dale Grimshaw


Jim Vision

Vane MG


About the Gallery

Shoreditch Modern is a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Shoreditch, East London. Opened in early 2024, the gallery presents the work of thought-provoking artists from the UK and abroad through both thematic group shows and solo exhibitions. 

The gallery selects diverse artworks that challenge what “modern” means, offering new insights into topical issues and new ways of connecting with complex concepts.

Shoreditch has a rich history as an artistic, multi-cultural hub and is still one of the most exciting areas of London for the Arts. That’s why the gallery hopes to create a welcoming space to celebrate the area’s creative scene, as well as build a dialogue between international and local artists.

Alongside its exhibitions, the Shoreditch Modern gallery also organises regular poetry readings, creative workshops and more.

photo of the gallery Shoreditch Modern

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