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Shoreditch Modern and media company Women of the Wick are partnering for the first time to organise a tantalising exhibition called PLEASURES.

The exhibition explores the theme of pleasure through a myriad of personal views, experiences and perspectives and in mediums such as paint, ceramic, photography and printmaking, The six selected contemporary female-identifying artists reclaim the narrative that has far too often been stifled by societal norms and overshadowed by male voices – in playful, raw and poetic ways.

Launch event and Q&A: 2nd May, 6 pm – 8 pm

Free public entry:

  • 3rd – 17th May
  • Wednesday – Sunday, 12 pm – 6 pm

Participating Artists

Olivia Strange

Catrine Håland

Daisy Tortuga

Ania Kann

Margaux Carpentier

Adele Brydges

Upcoming Exhibition

flyer for the warmly still exhibition at Shoreditch Modern

PV and Q&A: 23rd May, 6 pm – 8 pm

Free public entry:

  • 24th May – 14th June
  • Wednesday – Sunday, 12 pm – 6 pm

warmly still 

warmly still is a group exhibition centred around memory and presence in absence. Like a body-shaped indentation in the bed, the blurred smiles in an old photo, a pebble radiating the sun’s kiss into the night. The exhibition will create an evocative and nostalgic experience through the works of four contemporary artists.

With soft hues and incomplete figures, the selected artworks will combine an initial feeling of comfort with an unsettling sense of absence. Leaving the viewer wondering what is left unsaid and giving them the freedom to complete the picture with their own memories and stories.

The exhibition will also explore how mundane settings can acquire both a timelessness and a surreal quality when details or subjects are abducted from them. warmly still will provide a visual anchor for intangible echoes of strangely familiar sights and dreams.

Participating Artists

portrait of artist Freddie Darke - Shoreditch Modern

Freddie Darke

Portrait of painter Justin Cole who will exhibit at the Shoreditch Modern gallery

Justin Cole

Portrait of artist Andrea Cucinotta - Shoreditch Modern

Andrea Cucinotta


Past Exhibitions

About the Gallery

Shoreditch Modern is a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Shoreditch, East London. Opened in early 2024, the gallery presents the work of thought-provoking artists from the UK and abroad through both thematic group shows and solo exhibitions. 

The gallery selects diverse artworks that challenge what “modern” means, offering new insights into topical issues and new ways of connecting with complex concepts.

Shoreditch has a rich history as an artistic, multi-cultural hub and is still one of the most exciting areas of London for the Arts. That’s why the gallery hopes to create a welcoming space to celebrate the area’s creative scene, as well as build a dialogue between international and local artists.

Alongside its exhibitions, the Shoreditch Modern gallery also organises regular poetry readings, creative workshops and more.

photo of the gallery Shoreditch Modern

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