On 27th June, Shoreditch Modern buzzed with excitement as we launched our new street art exhibition, “Spray Tan.” This group show, running until 19th July, features the dynamic and powerful works of five prominent urban artists who have left an indelible mark on the streets of Shoreditch: Dale Grimshaw, Mishfit, Jim Vision, Vane MG, and Yorgos. We invite you to explore this rich tapestry of styles and voices that capture the essence of contemporary street art.


A Celebration of Street Art

The launch event was an exhilarating evening, bringing together artists, art enthusiasts, and the Shoreditch community. Attendees had the chance to dive into the diverse range of works, each piece reflecting the unique perspective and talent of its creator.

From Vane MG’s manga-inspired characters to Dale Grimshaw’s realistic portraits and Yorgos’ stylised bodies, “Spray Tan” is a feast for the eyes and the soul. The selected works include paintings that combine acrylic. oil and spray paint – which Mishfit’s Memento Vivere collection is a sublime example of – as well as innovative mediums like Jim Vision’s laser printed wooden canvases Portrait of Serenity and Mysteries of the Otherworld

Meet the Artists

Dale Grimshaw

Dale Grimshaw‘s work is a powerful blend of bold figurative art and humanitarian advocacy. Known for his emotionally charged murals, Grimshaw’s pieces are a fixture in London and have been showcased worldwide. His art emphasizes direct emotional engagement and empathy, often supporting causes like the Free West Papua campaign. His murals are not just art but statements of social justice, capturing the human spirit in its rawest form.


Jim Vision

Originally from South Wales, Jim Vision is renowned for his fantastical murals that grace the streets of East London and cities around the globe. His colorful compositions, seen from Bangkok to Buenos Aires, are a testament to his boundless creativity. Jim Vision has participated in major street art festivals and events such as Banksy’s Cans2 festival, MuTATE Britain, and Here&Now in Amsterdam, making his work a global phenomenon.


Brighton-based Mishfit merges traditional and urban art techniques to create vibrant, empowering pieces. Her art draws from diverse influences, ranging from neoclassicism to sci-fi, and often features themes of transformation and strength. With a background in illustration and digital design, Mishfit celebrates strong female characters and human emotion, making her work both visually striking and deeply resonant.

Vane MG

Colombian artist and designer Vane MG brings her cultural heritage to life through her art. Known for her bright neon colours and the overlay of graphic elements on realistic female portraits, her distinctive style has earned her exhibitions at prestigious venues such as Tate Modern and Kew Gardens. In 2024, she was honoured as Best Latin American Visual Artist by LA United, highlighting her impact on the art scene.


A London-based painter and street artist with roots in Germany and Greece, Yorgos‘ work explores the complexities of human existence through intertwined bodies. His art delves into themes of dark materialism, gender inequality, and societal uncertainties, challenging conventional views of class, beauty, and sexuality. The nudity of his subjects strips away social constructs, presenting a raw and honest portrayal of humanity.

Why You Should Visit

“Spray Tan” is more than just an exhibition; it’s an immersive journey into the world of contemporary street art. Each artist brings a unique voice and perspective, offering visitors a chance to engage with art that is both thought-provoking and visually captivating. Shoreditch Modern is proud to present this vibrant and inclusive experience that celebrates the creative spirit of our community.

Plan Your Visit

Don’t miss your chance to experience the captivating world of “Spray Tan” at Shoreditch Modern. The exhibition is free and runs until 19th July, providing ample time to visit and be inspired by the works of Dale Grimshaw, Mishfit, Jim Vision, Vane MG, and Yorgos.

 The gallery’s opening hours are Wednesday to Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm. All artworks on display are available for sale. For sales enquiries, please contact: anais@shoreditchmodern.com

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