Adele Brydges

Adele Brydges is an Artist, Sensual Alchemist and Reiki Master integrating
pleasure, ceramics and energy healing modalities to explore joy, celebrate
pleasure and aid body, mind and soul connection.

“My passion is and always has been to create beautiful sensual tools and objects that celebrate pleasure and spark connection. These conversational and functional tools and artworks aim to elevate and challenge how we think and feel about pleasure and how we experience sensuality and connection. The more we infuse our day-to-day acts and artefacts with a sense of pleasure, intention and playfulness, the more we expand our capacity for pleasure in all areas of life.”

Adele Brydges at Shoreditch Modern

Select Exhibitions:

2024 – PLEASURES, Shoreditch Modern (London, UK)

2021 – 20/20 Vision, The Other Arts Fair, Truman Brewery (London, UK)

2018 – Red Hot Wicked, Studio C Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)

2017 – Craftsmanship Alone Is Not Enough, Lethaby Gallery (London, UK)

2017 – The Chronicles of LA, James Mountford Studio (Los Angeles, USA)

Dreamers, a painting by Yorgos exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern
Daisy Tortuga - ceramic tile entitled Erotica study
Thalo, a sensual tool by Adele Brydges - Shoreditch Modern