Andrea Cucinotta

Andrea Cucinotta is an Italian painter and tattoo artist based in London. After many years spent focusing on his tattoo practice, he has returned to his first passion: painting.

Using primarily acrylics and oil sticks on canvas, his painting style is characterised by contrasting, flat colours and graphic elements. Canvases within canvases convey a meta narrative, while the juxtaposition of unusual objects in imaginary spaces gives a nod to surrealism.

The human form is absent from Cucinotta’s work, yet it is felt through details such as a smoking cigarette in an ash tray, a hung coat still dripping with rain or a steaming cup of coffee. This creates a sense of expectation, a tension within otherwise still environments.

Portrait of artist Andrea Cucinotta - Shoreditch Modern


Upcoming in 2024 – Warmly Still, Shoreditch Modern (London, UK)


Mimmi a painting by Andrea Cucinotta at Shoreditch Modern
Waiting Room a painting by Andrea Cucinotta at Shoreditch Modern
Someone knocking at the door, a painting by Cucinotta at Shoreditch Modern