Ania Kann

Ania Kann is an emerging artist and ceramicist based in Los Angeles. Her latest series, entitled Dueling Chains, embodies duality: ceramics signify fragility, while chainmail represents strength. This paradox is encapsulated in interactive sculptures, durable yet fluid, allowing viewers to shape their movement. The pieces, with a mind of their own, invite the viewer to become the artist, creating a unique fingerprint on the sculpture’s form.

“I spent my early years amidst the picturesque landscapes of Monaco, where the azure Mediterranean waters and the glamour of the French Riviera colored my upbringing. However, it was in Los Angeles that my life took an exciting turn. I enrolled at the esteemed Art Center College of Design and started my creative journey in the realm of film, drawn to the allure of storytelling through a camera lens.

Years later, a strange serendipity altered my course into an entirely new medium. The moment my hands first graced the delicate porcelain, it set ablaze an unexpected passion. This newfound connection with clay has since driven my artistic path, molding my identity as a ceramist. Each link in my ceramic chains tells a story, bearing the imprints of a world traveler, an artist, and a storyteller.”

Adele Brydges, artist and sensual tool maker exhibiting at Shoreditch Modern


2024 – PLEASURES, Shoreditch Modern (London, UK)

2023 – Maune Contemporary (Los Angeles, USA)

Chainmail ceramic artwork by Ania Kann at Shoreditch Modern
Chain mail 1 a ceramic sculpture by Ania Kann exhibited at Shoreditch Modern