Christopher Constable

Christopher Constable is a self-taught painter and mixed-media artist, born and raised in East London. His artistic journey started in 2018, experimenting with his daughter’s art supplies. From there he developed a strong body of work driven by his introspection and experimentation.

“I mostly focus on subjects relating to my personal experiences and my take on the world, which lead me to delve into different art forms and styles be it abstract or semi-realism,” Constable explains.

Primarily working with acrylic canvas painting and pouring, his recent practice also extends to resin sculptural work. He shares: “I would call my style free-spirited and imaginative. I don’t like to box myself into an “ism” as I love trying new things using different mediums applying new techniques and challenging myself to step beyond conventional norms.”

photo of the artist Christopher Constable at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern


2024 – Shoreditch Modern, Grit & Gloss (London)

2023 – The Brick Lane Gallery, Expressions and Impressions (London)

painting by Chris Constable called I am therefore I think, with a skeleton and a self-portrait of the artist
painting entitled Conformity by Chris Constable exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern
painting called Whirlpool by Chris Constable on display at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern
artwork by Chris Constable with a burger encased in resin
painting of sneakers by Christopher Constable exhibited at the London art gallery Shoreditch Modern