Gabrielle Spooner

Gabrielle Spooner is a London-based visual artist. Following an Art Foundation at Morley College, she earned a BA in Fine Art in 2023 from Glasgow School of Art. Her innovative practice incorporates both digital and physical painting. All her pieces start digitally, either building spaces from a blank screen and software or distorting and manipulating photographs she takes. She then further develops her digital works as oil paintings or prints on linen.

Spooner explains: “I aim to disorientate the spectator’s understanding of what is physical painting and what is digital through exchanging methods and applying them to the other, creating paintings that appear perhaps computerised, and printing digital work that appears perhaps traditionally painted. By embracing both painting methods, I challenge popular mindsets that the rise of digital art is a threat to conventional methods and instead seek to reveal how each can be used to benefit and push the limitations of the other.”

Her work is influenced by Surrealism, as well as narratives of Freud’s studies of psychoanalysis: “I explore our experiences of liminal spaces, dreams and our relatability to objects and surroundings of everyday life – further related to autotheory.”


photo of the artist Gabrielle Spooner at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern


2024 – Shoreditch Modern, Grit & Gloss (London)

2023 – Metre Squared, Community Network Presents: Pop Up Showcase (London)

2023 – The Brick Lane Gallery, Art in Mind (London)

2023 – Glasgow School of Art, Degree Show (Glasgow)

2022 Pipe Factory, ‘Pipe Dream’  (Glasgow)

Infinite, an artwork by Gabrielle Spooner exhibited at art gallery Shoreditch Modern
artwork called Pwllheli by G Spooner at Shoreditch Modern
Gealach, an artwork by Gabrielle Spooner exhibited by Shoreditch Modern
Blossomed, an artwork by Gabrielle Spooner exhibited at art gallery Shoreditch Modern