Catrine Håland

Catrine Håland is a still-life and beauty photographer, known for infusing lucid colours and feminine style into her work and elevating reality with a touch of sensuality.

Her powerful photography series ‘UNAPOLOGETIC’ is a celebration of women’s agency, desires and sexuality. The series was selected as the feature piece and cover of WOWZINE Issue 2: The Pleasure magazine and has been featured in group exhibitions since its inception.

Her work invites viewers to explore their own conceptions of pleasure, sexuality and queer erotic playfulness.

Adele Brydges, artist and sensual tool maker exhibiting at Shoreditch Modern

Select Exhibitions:

2024 – PLEASURES, Shoreditch Modern (London, UK)

2023 – What I Want, AMP Gallery, solo (London, UK)

2019 – RA Summer Exhibition with Katy Edelsten, Royal Academy (London, UK)

Wet Dreams 1 by Cat Haland, a photograph exhibited at Shoreditch Modern
Unapologetic 1 by Cat Haland, a photo exhibited at Shoreditch Modern gallery
Unapologetic 2 by Cat Haland at Shoreditch Modern