Freddie Darke

Freddie Darke is a London-based figurative painter, working predominantly in oils and inks. His work has been exhibited across the UK and internationally in France, Greece, Portugal and Bulgaria in both group and solo shows. On occasion, he also collaborates on public art projects and creates videos and animations.

His practice stems from an ongoing fascination with human journeys and the myriad of entanglements that surround them. Whether that be forgotten historical links, our connections to nature, or the public spaces we cohabit with strangers.

For Darke, the paintings should stand alone and speak for themselves, yet also be in dialogue with one another. His paintings convey an overall feeling of the human as a porous thing. They examine how people are subject to unfathomable coincidences, constantly filtering the world’s debris.

“I am stimulated by the idea of unrecorded narratives and the ways in which we can sometimes sense these untold stories. I like to take modest starting points for my compositions, figures engaged in simple activities such as looking for something, waiting for something… I then take them into abstract, philosophical or dreamlike areas.”

portrait of artist Freddie Darke at Shoreditch Modern

Selected Exhibitions:

2024 – Shoreditch Modern, Warmly Still – Group (London, UK)

2024 – Apperley Arts, FOUR – Group (London, UK)

2023 – Southwark Park Galleries, The Annual Open – Group (London, UK)

2023 – The Mall Galleries, ING Discerning Eye – Annual Exhibition – Group (London, UK)

2023 – Klose and Soan, Eight Works on Paper – Solo (London, UK)

2022 – Fishslab Gallery, For the Birds – Solo, (Whitstable, UK)

2019 – P-Artworks, Unsung Odysseys – Freddie Darke and Leonidas Panourgias (Athens, Greece)

2018 – The Old School Residency, Ritual and Revolution – Group (Sofia, Bulgaria) 

2017 – C.A.B, Nowhere is Somewhere – Solo (Lectoure, France) 


Dreamers, a painting by Yorgos exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern
Body Heat, a painting by Yorgos exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern
painting called Facing Challenges by Yorgos, exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern