Grit & Gloss

Grit & Gloss is a group exhibition which explores the unexpected beauty and dichotomies arising within our urban environments. Where towers of glass neighbour battered brick. Where the grit of the people fuels their rich sense of style. Where the line between edgy and dangerous, vulgar and elevated, irreverent and brave is ever-changing.

The exhibition also investigates the place of urban aesthetics as a sign of modern wealth. What was once a symbol of counter-culture and free expression, is now being co-opted by capitalism. Adding a sheen to what was once considered unrefined. Yet urban artists still manage to develop new, alternative ideas to counter growing gentrification and appropriation.

As the inaugural exhibition of the Shoreditch Modern gallery, Grit & Gloss also pays homage to East London and its pioneering community of creatives.

The exhibition will bring together three emerging artists whose work is influenced by or created within these urban realities. 


Launch event: February 15th, 6pm – 8.30pm

Free entry:

  • February 16th to March 8th
  • Wednesday – Sunday, 12pm – 6pm

Participating artists


Gabrielle Spooner

Christopher Constable