Jim Vision

Jim Vision is a renowned mural artist from South Wales known for his large-scale artworks that adorn the streets of East London. Featuring fantastical visions and colourful compositions, his trail of creativity spreads from the UK across the world to Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Miami and beyond.

Jim Vision has participated in contemporary street art events and exhibitions, including Southend City Jam, Cheltenham Paint festival, Yardworks, O’nou festival in Tahiti, Banksy’s Cans2 festival, MuTATE Britain and Here&Now in Amsterdam. As a professional artist, Jim Vision creates commissions for clients such as Paramount Pictures, Marvel and NamcoBandai. He has also curated multiple group shows & exhibitions showcasing emerging and established talent in the UK graffiti and street-art scene with his organisation, EndoftheLine.

Established in 2008, EndoftheLine continues to thrive under Jim and his partner Matilda’s leadership, showcasing their ongoing commitment to art and community.
Vision has dedicated his efforts to building the underground art scene and towards their mission to establish legal wall spaces, free for all artists to paint graffiti. They host The UK International Meeting of Styles, which promotes contemporary graffiti art. Despite taking a few years off from larger projects due to the impact of Covid but more importantly having their first child, the pair are exploring new ventures in 2024.

Portrait of painter Justin Cole who will exhibit at the Shoreditch Modern gallery

Notable Projects

2024 – Here & Now Exhibition, Amsterdam
2023/24 – Bob Marley Poster Artwork
2023 – Mandalorian Series 2 Release Artist Mural
2023 – KRNT Studio Artist Residency Kauai, Hawaii
2022 – Murals in Santa Ana & Los Angeles
2022 – Akumal Arts Festival, Riviera Maya, Mexico
2020 – Meeting of Styles, Kosovo
2020 – Protect Your Wildlife Mural, Manchester
2020 – Multiple Murals, Thailand
2020 – Sterling Vaults Street Invited Artist Auction
2019 – Series of Large-scale Murals across Miami
2019 – ‘Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright’ Mural, Manchester
2018 – Brick Lane 20m Community Mural, London
2016 – Gonzo Group Show, Westbank gallery
2016 – Endangered 13 Mural, London
2015 – O’nou Festival, Guest Artist, Tahiti
2013 & 2014 – Houses of Parliament Westbank Gallery Auction – Invited Artist
2014 – Storm Mural on Melrose, Los Angeles
2014 – H.R. Giger Mural Jim Vision collaborative piece with DrZadok
2013 – Large Scale China Town Mural : Boomtown

Dreamers, a painting by Yorgos exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern
painting called Facing Challenges by Yorgos, exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern
Body Heat, a painting by Yorgos exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern