Justin Cole

Justin Cole is an artist working in Brooklyn, New York. His work touches on the human condition, levels of consciousness, and death. He illustrates these themes through the combination of figurative realism and abstract expressionism.

Restraint and intentionality are at the core of Cole’s work. His paintings almost exclusively focus on one subject, keeping the narrative contained. The palette is refined, and the composition is simple yet effective. There are no distracting elements and the most intriguing components are uncovered within the subtleties. The more you study the paintings, the more the dimension expands.

“My work stems from the principle of what I think paintings should be: visually interesting, appealing, and beautiful for beauty’s sake. I combine the lifelike realism of classical paintings with the palette, composition, and emotional charge of an abstract painting. The result is an amalgamation of academic refinement and creative experimentation.”


Portrait of painter Justin Cole who will exhibit at the Shoreditch Modern gallery


2024 – Shoreditch Modern, Warmly Still – Group (London, UK)

2023 – Blumka Contemporary, Fool’s Errand – Group (New York, USA)


Dreamers, a painting by Yorgos exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern
out of the woods - a painting by Justin Cole - Shoreditch Modern
painting called Facing Challenges by Yorgos, exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern
Body Heat, a painting by Yorgos exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern