Contemporary urban artist Mishfit bridges street art and fine art painting. Over the past twenty years, she has exhibited in several galleries in the UK and painted globally from Melbourne’s streets to Europe’s major street art festivals. Based in Brighton, she crafts vibrant artworks using oil paints over spray paint and acrylics, blending traditional methods with an urban edge.

Mishfit’s work draws inspiration from old master paintings, neoclassicism, abstract realism, ukiyo-e, surrealism, sci-fi, retro-futurism, and dystopian film. Her dreamlike luminous cloudscapes symbolise human emotion, often intertwined with elegant, obscured figures. Themes of empowerment, transformation, self-discovery, escapism, defiance, subversion, and strength against adversity are central to her poignant, relatable paintings.

With a degree in Illustration from Brighton University and a career in digital design, Mishfit’s design eye and art history appreciation are finely honed. Her travels and love for global cultures and nature inspire a wildness and wanderlust evident in her paintings. Her early street art days in a male-dominated scene inspired her to depict strong female characters, countering over-sexualised graffiti images, a theme of female empowerment that persists in her work.

Mishfit’s murals and paintings range from opulent to gritty settings. Commissioned by brands like Royal Caribbean, Brugal Rum, TEDx, and various UK music festivals, she collaborates with interior designers and private clients globally.

photo of street artist Dale Grimshaw

Selected Exhibitions:

2024 – Spray Tan, group show, Shoreditch Modern, London
2024 – UNITY group show, HELM Gallery, Brighton
2024 – Queens Of The Wall – WOM Collective, Copeland Gallery
2024 – Bloomin Marvelous, Paxton Glew Gallery, Brighton
2024 – Featured Artist Showcase, UPFEST, Bristol
2023 – Winter Blunderland, Group show, Eyesaw Gallery, Colchester
2023 – Colors Festival, group show, London
2023 – Gend-ity group show, Cessum Gallery, Hackney, London
2022 – Solo show “Bubble Gum Apocalypse”, Gallery 40, Brighton
2022 – Hippodrome, DoNotObstruct Gallery popup, Brighton
2022 – Group Show MOON, Brush Gallery, Brighton
2022 – Choose to Challenge, group show, Brush Gallery, Brighton
2020 – Solo Exhibition (Virtual) Wild Skies
2019-2021 – Honouring Black Heroines (virtual), Wom Collective
2019-2021 – Girls V Boys, Gallery Lock In, Brighton
2018 – SeaSpray Gallery, Group show, Hastings
2010-2015 – Snapshot group show, Ink-d Gallery, Brighton
2010-2015 – Hazardous Waste group show, Graffik Gallery, London
2010-2015 – Bank Job group show, West Bank Gallery, London
2008 – Nightmare before Xmas, group show, SIN, London

painting called Facing Challenges by Yorgos, exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern
Dreamers, a painting by Yorgos exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern