Vane MG

Vane MG is an Artist and Designer from Colombia based in London. Painting, Street Art and Digital Illustration are some of the mediums she uses. Her work is characterised by bright, neon colours and includes elements of her Colombian roots as well as fun elements of her toy design experience. Overlaying love hearts and other graphic elements on realistic female portraits is part of her signature style.

She has had the opportunity to work with many institutions around the UK including Kew Gardens, becoming the first artist in the world to paint inside the walls of the gardens. Other places she has shown her artworks include The Tate Modern and The Wellcome Collection Museum.

In 2024, she was awarded Best Latin American Visual Artist by LA United, the official Latin American Awards in the UK.

Her objective is to reclaim elements of her cultural past, integrating it with the present and creating new, colourful images looking for her own identity.

Portrait of painter Justin Cole who will exhibit at the Shoreditch Modern gallery

Notable Projects

2024 – Spray Tan, group exhibition at Shoreditch Modern, London
2024 – Queens of the Walls with WOM collective, Copeland Gallery, London
2024 – Upfest Street Art Festival, Bristol
2024 – Hit the North Street Art Festival, Belfast
2024 – Multistories Street Art Festival, Southampton
2024 – Concrete Canvas Street Art Festival. Chelmsford
2024 – Juntas Somos Mas Street Art Festival, Lisbon
2023 – Versus, group exhibition at Versus Gallery
2023 – LookUp Street Art Festival, Portsmouth
2023 – Swindon Paint Street Art Festival, Swindon
2023 – Meeting of Styles, Kosovo
2022 – Mural Art at Wynwood Art District for the Art Basel, Miami
2021 – Goddesses of the Future, group show, Artsect Gallery, London
2020 – Indonesia Orchid Festival, Walls Exhibition, London
2020 – Digital Illustrations for Wellcome Collection, London
2019 – Art performance ‘Our Heritage’ at Tate Modern, London
2019 – Kew Gardens. Colombia Orchid Festival, Walls and Solo show Art Exhibition, London
2017 – Mural for the Cinelatino festival, Toulouse
2015 – Group show Heroína, NEST Art Center, Bogotá
2015 – Performance and art piece for El antídoto art fair, Bogotá
2015 – LAVAMOATUMBÁ Mural, Bogotá

Dreamers, a painting by Yorgos exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern
painting called Facing Challenges by Yorgos, exhibited at the art gallery Shoreditch Modern